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Sources et pistes de l'ISTF-ISDF


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National Association of Record Industry Professionals
National Federation of the Blind
National Science Foundation
National Strategy for Suicide Prevention
National University of Singapore - School of Computing
NCAM, National Center for Accessible Media
NESPOLE, NEgociating through SPOken Language in E-commerce
Netaid : Fighting poverty with the Internet
Nettime mailing lists
Network and Distributed System Security Symposium
New Media Group
New Uses of the Internet
NSRC, Network Startup Resource Center
Nua Internet Surveys
NWHP, National Women's History Project
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OCDE, Organisation de Coopération et Développement économiques
OED, Online Education Dictionary
OII, Online Internet Institute
Olympic Failure: A Case for Making the Web Accessible
OMPI, World Intellectual Property Organization
ONCE, ON-line Children Education
Online Policy Group
OII, Oxford Internet Institute
OPA, Online Privacy Alliance
Open Root Server Confederation
OSCE, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
OSI, Open Source Initiative
OUI, Observatoire des Usages de l'Internet
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Pacific Islands Information and Communication Technologies Policy and Strategic Plan
PADI, Preserving Access to Digital Information
Pangaea Network, a learning community of communities
Paris IV Sorbonne
Partnerships Online
PASIG, Portuguese Accessibility Special Interest Group
PCEN, The Jonathan B. Postel Center for Experimental Networking
Poisson, Process for Organization of Internet Standards ONg
PFIR, People For Internet Responsibility
PITAC, President's Information Technology Advisory Committee
Privacy Foundation
Politiques Logiciels Libres
Proposal for Creating the Global Service Trust Fund and the International Coalition for Global Information Infrastructure in Education and Healthcare
Protocol Supporting Organization
PIR, Public Interest Registry, Public Strategies for the Online World
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Research for Information Society
RFC, Requests for Comments : Editor
RNRT, Réseau national de Recherches en Télécommunications
RNTL, Réseau national des Technologies logicielles
RSF, Reporters sans frontières
RTFR, Read The Fine RFCs
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SANS (System Administration, Networking, and Security) Institute
SIAP, Safer Internet Action Plan
SATELLIFE, Building healthier communities in developing countries through information technology
Save Iridium
Secretariat of the Pacific Community
School of Informatics at City University, London
SchoolNet Cameroon
Schools Online
SDNP, Sustainable Development Networking Programme
SDNP, Sustainable Development Networking Program Bangladesh
SDNP Sustainable Development Networking   Cameroon
SDNP Sustainable Development Networking Guyana
SDNP Sustainable Development Network Pamulang
SOPAC, South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission
SOS, The State of Open Source
SPP, School of Public Policy (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Stanford University
Societal Task Force Documents - Archival Series (STFDOC)
State of the Internet: Growth and Gaps
Stockholm Challenge Award
Surveillance & Society, the fully peer-reviewed transdisciplinary online surveillance studies journal
SuperRoot Consortium
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TACD, Dialogue transatlantique des Consommateurs
Task Force on Archiving of Digital Information
TEK, Time equals knowledge
Thot, Nouvelles de la Formation à distance
TIES, Transatlantic Information Exchange Service
TLDP, The Linux Documentation Project, Fight hate and promote tolerance
Trace Center, Designing a more usable world
Tracking the Global Diffusion of the Internet
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UCITA: State Contract Law Intersects Federal Copyright Law
UNDP, United Nations Development Programme
UNECE, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
UNESCO Observatory on the Information Society
UNESCO Programme for a just and free Information Society
UNITAR, Institut des Nations unies pour la Formation et la Recherche
UNL, Universal Networking Language
UNLP, Universal Networking Language Programme
USAID, US Agency for International Development
USG, Understanding the Digital Economy
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vOICe Internet Sonification Browser
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WAI, Web Accessibility Initiative
The Wave, Tool to facilitate those aspects of web accessibility that require human judgment
Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C) : Créer des sites Web accessibles
Web-based Education Commission
WIDE, Web of Information for Development
WIDE, Widely Integrated Distributed Environment - IPv6 Working Group
WiredKids, Official North American Site of UNESCO's Innocence in Danger Program
Women and the Internet
Women's Human Rights Net
WomenAction, Global information, communication and media network
World Markets Research Centre
WorldEnable, an Internet accessibility initiative
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